Bakery and Confectionary
Chocolates and Mocktails
Indo Veg
Ice Cream and Puddings
Salad and Soups
Chinese and Snacks
Painting and Sketching
Creation and Orientation
Brown Bread
Wheat and Oats
Sandwich Bread
Soup Sticks
Coco Chip Bread
Milk Bread
Spinach and Olive Bread
Focaccia (Italian) bread.
Fruit bread
Garlic Olive Bread
Dinner Rolls
Cheese Rolls
Cheese and Sugar Rolls
Cinnamon Rolls
Paneer Rolls
Aloo Capsicum Rolls
Channa Masala Rolls
  Tea Time Cake  
Plum Cake
Rich Walnut Cake
Marble Cake
Banana walnut Cake
Carrot Cake
Mud Cake
Curd Cake
Walnutt Coffee cake
Victorian Cake
  Designer Cookies  
Funny Face
Star Cookies
Ginger Breadman
Sweet Hearts
  Muffins & Brownies  
Choco Chip Muffin
Blue berries Muffin
Vanilaa Muffin
Pina Colada Muffin
Fudge Brownies
Choco Walnut Brownies
Marble Chocolate Brownies
Chocolate Brownies
  Cake Decoration  
Marzipan Icing
Royal Icing
Gum Paste
Caramel Decoration
Chocolate Decoration
Cream Icing
Gel Icing
Edible Glitters
Pao Bun
Veg Bun
Aloo Bun
Chana Masala Bun
Paneer Bun
Paneer croquettc bun.
Plain Croissants
Veg Croissants
Paneer Croissants
Cheese Croissants
Chocolate Croissants
Corn Croissants
Black Forest
Pineapple / Strawberry Gateau.
Chocolate Truffle
Fresh Fruit Cake
Butter Scotch
Doll Cake
Butterfly Cake
Chocolate Eclairs
Swiss Rolls
Coconut Cake
Pineapple upside down cake
Choco Chip Cookies
Coconut Cookies
Melting Moments
Coffee Toffee
Whole Wheat Cookies
Oat Crispies
Chocolate pin Wheels
  Tarts and Pies  
Chocolate Tart
Lemon Tart
Fruit Tart
Jam Tart
Apple Pie
Walnut Pie
Mud Pie
Cake Doughnuts
Cream Doughnuts
Sugar Doughnuts
Chocolate Doughnuts
Cheese Doughnuts
  Danish and Quiches  
Cheese Danish
Chocolate Danish
Veg Quiche
Mushroom Quiche
Paneer Quiche
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